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Tipis are so versatile and make such a striking spectacle; theirs was no exception…the finish was absolutely gorgeous!


Louise was incredibly organised and did the legwork.  She hired Love to Plan to put together a schedule of the day and take the reins two weeks prior; contact all suppliers to ensure all was in order; style and dress the tipi and manage the day.


Their day was bittersweet as it sadly coincided with a close family loss, but it was such a heartfelt day… the rain on the run up didn't let up and made for a soggy tipi set up, but just as they came out of the church, the clouds parted and the sun got its hat on...they even managed a drinks reception on the wellies!


I loved every minute.


Wedding ceremony at Holy Cross Church followed by a tipi wedding reception on the Ashton Keynes cricket pitch



English country garden


Special memories:

I just loved the personal touches: homemade jam and crafted jam pots as vases - you've never seen so many jam pots in one place!  Very funny speech by the groom and wellies galore!

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Bob and I felt it very important that we put pen to paper to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything have done for us on the wedding.


When I first suggested a wedding planner to Bob he wasn’t having any of it.  He felt it was an unnecessary expense and we’d somehow manage.  Thank God I convinced him otherwise!  From the moment I met you both I knew you’d be worth your weight in gold.  In control without being bossy.  Organised without being control freaks.  The only thing missing was headsets!


I can honestly say I don’t know how we would have done it without you.  Well, we wouldn’t have done.  If you hadn’t been there to sort us out we’d have cancelled – end of story.  So it goes on that we have you to thank for being married!


Bob is now the first to admit you were our best idea (or should that be my idea?!) and keeps telling everyone that they must hire you for when they get married.  We’re on a mission to sing your praises to anyone that will listen!


Thank you Natalie.  Thank you Lindsey.  You two aren’t wedding planners, you’re amazing angels and two of the nicest people we’ve had the pleasure of meeting.



Louise and Bob

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