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Chris & Cathy contacted me 6 months prior to their wedding celebration.  They had put together the bones of their day and had lots of ideas, but really wanted somebody to take control of the many elements and bring the planning to a conclusion.  They also required my styling assistance and co-ordination of the wedding celebration itself.


They had a very intimate wedding ceremony with just their close family in Gretna Green and they wanted their wedding celebration to be a complete contrast: all singing, all dancing – the party of all parties!


Their planned day doubled in size both in terms of guests and suppliers involved, but WOW what a day it was.  Their guests arrived in advance of their helicopter arrival which acted as the celebration’s kick-start. It was an absolute feast for the eyes, involving fabulous food and entertainment to suit all tastes, and all ending with a bang at the end of the night when Chris & Cathy left to fireworks leaving their guests to party the rest of the night away.


What a buzz!


Wick Bottom Barn, near Rockley, Wiltshire.



Jamaica meets England…and Scotland!


Special memories:

The craziness of all of the elements and how wonderfully they came together, and the helicopter coming into land signalling the start of the celebration!

© Peter Smart Photography


We married at a very personal ceremony in Gretna Green, but wanted a big celebration to share with all our friends and family local to Swindon.


We searched for the perfect venue, this proved quite difficult for a while, we explored hotels in search of the bespoke location that suited our requirements in creating a fantastic atmosphere of wonderment for our loved ones to share – eventually we were recommended by a good friend to take a look at Wick bottom barn. Perfect! A Beautiful location in the countryside that we immediately fell in love with - a huge blank canvas for us to create our perfect celebration.


We then began the planning! And soon realised we were lacking the knowledge, experience, and time needed to make the celebration perfect in every way – with the amount we wanted to do we decided to embark on some help and find a Wedding Planner! And we certainly found one!


Natalie was amazing and extremely patient from day one, right through to the end.


Our theme was Caribbean meets Traditional English – Not the easiest task for anyone to take on but from the very first time we met Natalie she gave us confidence, she oozed enthusiasm and had a genuine interest in creating our special day with us.


We met up regularly to share ideas and come up with new ones and there were plenty believe me (typical of us…!) – But Natalie was so incredibly patient with us it was unbelievable!


Gradually she pieced things together; the event was getting bigger and bigger – from 150 to 250 guests. This was getting serious but it never flustered Natalie at all, in fact she seemed to revel in it.


As the big day was getting closer and closer Cathy and I were beginning to panic but Natalie smoothly guided us through, we trusted her from day one; we didn’t feel the need to go with her to meet suppliers at the barn we both had the confidence in her without feeling the need to be there.


Suddenly the big day was upon us and apart from being two nervous wrecks because we were being flown in by helicopter we knew we were clearly in safe hands with Natalie.


As we flew over the venue we could see an amazing scene below us, from a barn in the middle of nowhere, Natalie had transformed it into to something truly amazing.


From the minute we touched the ground Natalie was there to guide us into our holding Marquee, this was the start of a truly well organised celebration. She ushered us and stayed with us all evening, the piper, the food, the bands, the toast, the first dance – you name it just everything went absolutely perfect and at the end of the night and a very long day Natalie was still there guiding us to the car telling us we’ve got three minutes left before the fireworks are due to go off.


We both had a night we’ll never forget and neither will any of our guests and it’s all down to you Natalie, with your professionalism, ideas, inspiration and passion our celebration became the event second to none. We couldn’t have asked for a more, Natalie you really are a star and anyone that doesn’t use you are clearly missing out, we thank-you so soooo much.


Chris and Cathy




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